My Static Page - Terms of Service

My Static Page is developed and maintained by Alan Mendelevich.

Downloaded sites

You are free to use web sites produced by My Static Page under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

In short you can freely use, modify and publish the site generated for as long as you keep a link back to somewhere on your page.

Hosted sites

Sites hosted on cannot contain any content deemed illegal, extremist or otherwise objectionable by the laws of Republic of Lithuania, European Union and/or United Nations. Sites violating these rules will be suspended without further notice.

Sites hosted under the "Hosted Plus" plan are subject to yearly subscription fees and service is provided as long as appropriate payments are made. My Static Page will make reasonable attempts to charge your payment instrument and contact you in case of failure, but it's up to you to ensure payment of the appropriate fees.

Contact information

Questions, suggestions, offers? Email me at or ping me on Twitter @ailon

Privacy Policy

My Static Page temporarily stores your uploaded photos and other information on it's servers. This data is automatically deleted periodically (daily). This data is only used for the purpose of providing the service.

My Static Page is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

My Static Page uses Google Analytics (to collect and analyze usage statistics) and AdSense (for advertising).


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